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Her Ladyship Steve

My name is Steve, but you can refer to me as Her Ladyship Steve. I am a multi-talented service dog who will be traveling with my servants around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia through the New Year. Beyond my innate canine abilities, my studies have taught me a variety of services, including the skill set required of a hearing dog. I am specifically trained to alert a person to vital everyday sounds important for daily and home life. My experience working in a Veteran’s hospital for over three years has also developed my ability to sense and solve high anxiety situations. Further, I have superlative obedience, both in regards to potty training and kennel training, as well as party tricks. My refined social etiquette affords me poise both in crowds and intimate settings. From children, babies, and the elderly to cats, fish, and other dogs, my diplomatic personality avoids making any situation uncomfortable.

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