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Steve could not win her over, so we had to leave.

December 28, 2011

So I was invited to visit a family in Norway that I have met once before and have sent a post card from every country I have been since I met them, which is a lot. I decided to make my way all the way up to Trondheim (where there is NOTHING to do) to spend the end of my vacation with them. Well, once I made the 2000 MILE trip to Norway from the Czech republic, we were told that Steve is not as invited as we had assumed. Norwegian are known for their shyness, unwant to offend, and basic version of MN nice, where it is more Norge Unsaid. Given we had planned to stay for longer than they thought originally, even with Steves best tricks could not convince them to host us that long, I was a littled shocked when they asked us to leave their house immediately after Christmas as over.  They made a good point that it was not that Steve, but hated all animals equally. I suppose just like saying I don’t just hate “Insert race here” I hate all people equally. Like an animal that has just made friend all over Europe shouldn’t get an exception .   Steve and I hate to be where we are not invited, that’s the last place we want to be, but I really wish we would have not planned our trip around this part of the country. It can be agrued to be NO lower than the 4th most expensive country in the world. But many say the most, and if you ask Mcdonalds, they charge the MOST for a big bag. Given Steve is now doing “trick” on the corner, it is getting us by. As she is a high priced bitch, as I may say so as her pimp. We don’t need other people, it’s not even cold this winter, we could live in the woods and I would have Steve hunt down our meals if there was anything to kill in the highlands of Norge.

PS, we were invited only to Xmas, it was my bad assumption that we would be asked or invited to stay for the rest of the holiday season.

Why does Norway want to kill my dog?

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