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Steve found Polish jokes IN Poland!!

November 15, 2011

Well it has been almost a month since Steve as crossed over any international borders. Given we had all the paperwork ready to shove in any cocky boarder patrol wussie, we could barely tell when we went from the Czech Republic to Poland.

We did like Kracow or Crakow or Krakow, whatever! They spell it every way possible for some reason. Though at this point it is getting colder, we say a huge drop in the amount of other dogs walking around town. Could be the culture, but it could also be like in Germany where you have to pay a fairly large tax for your dog every year!! You know we would not have that in the Ole US of A!  But I still have not had one problem bring her in to any Bar/pub/Restaurant yet.  But it could also just be that she is to damn cute to harrass! I tell people she is six and they still she looks like a puppy. A closer inspection you can see the years on Steve, mainly the whitening of hair on her head and back.

From Krakow we went to Warsaw, which was a huge pain, in other peoples asses, because I got a seat! Here  They have no problem selling far to many seats than are actually in the train. It was the weekend after their Independence day, our Veterans day, both on the anniversary of the end of WWI, so there was many more people than there usually is.  First we had to juggle which platform the train was coming with 100’s of other people who all want to get on this train, but it was late like 45 mins. When the train came it did not slow down on the part all the people were standing, and fastly over took them (and us)  to the far far side of this long platform. So now there is a MOB of people all trying to run and catch the train, and then all fit into a few doors! It was havoc. But we found a fairly empty cabin, opened the window and tossed Steve in to save us a seat. I also put in some luggage. But it still impossible to get in the train using the DANG DOORS! There are so many people that there is some sort of stand still. So I had to get in the same way Steve did!!  Once the train got going there people had just hunkered down in all the hallways and walkways! There were so many extra people that ticket checker guy wasn’t able to get through to check Anyone’s tickets at all.

Now we are in Warsaw planning our next move to Lithuania

Krakow Castle

How many Castles is that now steve?



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